Autonomous Reading & Writing

Autonomous Reading & Writing

Reading and writing, a burden for some learners and even some teachers who might find it challenging to involve reluctant learners. This session offers some ideas for teachers on how to motivate and involve learners through basic reading and writing techniques, activities and links to useful websites

Mini-Course Objectives

By the end of the mini-course participants should be able to:
1. Acquire skills of skimming, scanning and getting meaning from context which are the most essential reading comprehension skills.
2. Practice reading and writing skills and techniques effectively and independently.
3. Acquire the linguistic techniques such as using the correct vocabulary, grammar and mechanics that should empower them to produce different pieces of writing, e.g., narrative, argumentative and descriptive.
4. Learn how to motivate learners to read and write effectively.

Meet the Instructor

English Language Instructor, Teacher Trainer & Curriculum Developer.
TOEFL & IELTS Trainer, SmartBoard & MozaBook  Software Trainer & English Language Consultant
Former Manager, Test Development & Assessment (SCE/AUC)
Currently: Educational Consultant to an educational institution

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