Master the Capture

Master the Capture

A photography course designed to take you from zero to hero! In this course you will develop your photographic skills and techniques, apply concepts of lighting and colour, apply the mechanics of exposure to control light, and apply concepts of composition to produce a professional image.

Course Objectives

-Photography for beginners and different photography environments.
-Distinguish between the styles of photography and its various fields·
-Compare different types of cameras and lenses·
Technical introduction to the art of photography and the principles of photography·
-Apply the principles, whether basic or advanced, to shoot successful pictures in terms of lighting and composition, and what are the criteria for successful photos?·
-The mechanism of cameras, especially the parts that affect the image quality·
-Adjust the camera settings correctly in shooting conditions that can be a challenge for any photographer.
-Operate and control cameras with high professionalism·
-Apply after explanation on professional editing programs (Lightroom + Photoshop)·
-Analyze and criticize photographs professionally · 

Meet the Instructor

Mahmoud Ayad is a Lead photographer for international events & magazines. He is also a professional (Candid, Portrait, and Equestrian) photographer. He has a specialization from Michigan State University, USA. Moreover, he has taught students from all over the wolrd (USA, Europe, Asia...)

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The upcoming course starts on December 10, 2022

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